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New paper published in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology

Ravi defended his PhD thesis


New paper published in Nature Communications

NEUROD1 reinforces endocrine cell fate acquisition in pancreatic development

Sarka and Jirka left our lab.

All the best at your new workplaces!

New successful Master student!

Our colleague Jirka Netusil recently defended his thesis - Regeneration initiation of Xenopus laevis tail-functional study. We congratulate him and wish best luck in his future work!

Cortical glia in SOD1(G93A) mice are subtly affected by ALS-like pathology

A new paper published in collaboration with Mirka Anderova group IEM CAS


Zuzana and Daniel dominated at the first IBT PhD conference. Congrats!

Reactive astrogliosis in the era of single-cell transcriptomics

New paper published with our partners from ALEXANDER consortium.

Two papers published in collaboration with Pavlinkova lab

ISL1 controls pancreatic alpha cell fate and beta cell maturation & Dysregulation of hypoxia-inducible factor 1α in the sympathetic nervous system accelerates diabetic cardiomyopathy.

Two our preprints posted this week!

The power of single-cell, bulk and spatial transcriptomics combined to characterize ischemic brain injury and Xenopus regeneration.

Daniel Kraus left our lab.

Goodbye, buddy! Wish you good luck on your new journey…

Back to Basics

Disclosing quantitative RT-PCR raw data during manuscript submission: a call for action

New paper published with our great friend Agnieszka Smieszek

β-Lactoglobulin affects the oxidative status and viability of equine endometrial progenitor cells via lncRNA-mRNA-miRNA regulatory associations

New grant from Czech Health Research Council!

Receptivity of endometrial cavity in patients with fertility limiting diseases of pelvic organs: prospective clinical study (REAdME)

New paper published in collaboration with Dasa Bohaciakova lab

Glioblastoma and cerebral organoids: development and analysis of an in vitro model for glioblastoma migration.

Two new GACR funding!!

We were awarded two GACR grants to study experimental ischemic brain injury with single-cell and spatial transcriptomics!

Ischemic Stroke Vis(ium)alized

10x Genomics 2022 MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA User Group Meeting

New paper in Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience

Recent advances in deciphering oligodendrocyte heterogeneity with single-cell transcriptomics

Our new publication about RNA localization during oogenesis

Comparison of RNA localization during oogenesis within Acipenser ruthenus and Xenopus laevis

Installation of cellenONE®

Single cell sorting, isolation & nanoliter dispensing for omics, rare cells and cell line development applications