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Installation of cellenONE®


Unique instrument for single cell sorting, isolation & nanoliter dispensing for omics, rare cells and cell line development applications was installed in our lab last month. cellenONE® is a revolutionary platform based on sciDROP PICO precision dispensing technology and coupled with advanced image processing that provides real-time and high accuracy single cell isolation and dispensing. Using gentle acoustic waves for droplet generation, cellenONE® preserves outstanding cell viability for all cloning applications and maintains protein expressions for sequencing applications.


Versatile technology for a variety of samples

High-resolution optics allows isolation of any cell type (mammalian cells, bacteria, fungi, archea, plants, etc…) from any sample size. Working in aspirate/dispense mode allows high recovery of a wide range of samples, from minute cell suspensions containing just a couple of microliters and a few dozen cells to much larger samples containing thousands of cells.


Benefits of cellenONE®

  • High accuracy single cell isolation and dispensing
  • Gentle on cells, ensuring outstanding cell viability
  • Compatible with a wide range of particle sizes (0.5 µm – 80 µm)
  • Ideal for rare cell samples (zero dead volume and high recovery)
  • High-throughput isolation of hundreds of cells in only a few minutes
  • Selection of the cells of interest with user-defined sorting parameters (morphology and/or fluorescence markers)



cellenONE® are low volume, high viability and high accuracy single cell isolation systems for both single cell omics and cell line development applications.


Training is currently in progress... Our short-term plan is to introduce robust workflows for cell sorting and miniaturized single-cell RNA-seq workflow based on Smart-seq3xpress. The custom service will be provided by GeneCore in the near future.