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Posters and Talks


10x Genomics 2022 MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA User Group Meeting

24th November 2022, hybrid meeting


October 17-19, 2022, Utrecht, The Netherlands

1st 10X Genomics experience meeting 2022

May 19th, 2022, Prague

When Stochasticity Meets Precision in a Single Cell

Single-Cell Genomics, Gordon Research Conference, May 1 - 6, 2022

3rd International Symposium on Microgenomics 2021: Webinar Series

Single-Cell Analytics - 23 November 2021

13th Conference of the Czech Neuroscience Society

24-25 November, 2021, Prague, Czech Republic

7th European Stroke Organisation Conference (ESOC 2021)

1-3 September 2021, Helsinky, Finland (held virtually)

2nd Conference of the Visegrad group society for Developmental Biology

2-5 September, 2021, Szeged, Hungary