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Open PhD Positions in Single-Cell Transcriptomics

Transcriptome analysis of acute and degenerative disorders in the central nervous system. Deadline for applications: 31.3.2020!

Winter Trip #4

Little snow, lots of fun:)

Liquid biopsy analysis in cancer diagnostics - Editorial.

Special issue of Molecular Aspects of Medicine coordinated by Laboratory of Gene Expression.

EJP RD JTC2019: New funded project!

ALEXANDER - The astrocyte nanofilament system in Alexander disease - from molecules to function, uncovering new leads for therapy

New funding received from Czech Science Foundation

The role of glial TRPV4 channels in brain edema formation and post-ischemic regeneration (GACR 20-05770S).

Two courses lectured last week!

MicroRNA analysis and Experimental design and statistical analysis for gene expression data.

New publications in Clinical Chemistry and BMC Genomics!

Performance comparison of reverse transcriptases for single-cell studies / The role of nitric oxide during embryonic wound healing.

MicroRNA and single-cell analysis lectures.

Biomedical Center of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, November 6, 2019.

Single-cell gene expression analysis.

A new course at Charles University prepared by members of Laboratory of Gene Expression just started!

Movember 2019 - Men's Health Awareness Month

The members of Laboratory of Gene Expression joined and support the Movember initiative.

Our new preprint now available!

Preparation of single-cell suspension from mouse breast cancer focusing on preservation of original cell state information and cell type composition.

New Publication in Neurobiology of Aging!

A new paper describing age-dependent diversity in the extent of swelling of hippocampal astrocytes published in collaboration with Laboratory of Gene Expression.

New Publication in Molecular Aspect of Medicine!

Circulating miRNA analysis for cancer diagnostics and therapy.

New Members of Laboratory of Gene Expression

We’ve got two new colleagues, Paulina Kikinderová and Matěj Němec. Welcome!

7th BIOCEV-Krč Methodological Seminar focused on Single-cell Analysis

The major Biomedical Institutes at the Krč Campus of the Czech Academy of Sciences ( together with the Institute of Biotechnology - Centrum BIOCEV ( organize ‘Methodological Seminars’.

Decoding the transcriptional response to ischemic stroke in young and aged mouse brain

Our new preprint now available!

Happy Birthday Radek!

Radek celebrated an important milestone in his life! We wish him all the best and thank for great birthday party in Úvaly!

Lab Trip to the High Tatras, Slovakia

The members of Laboratory of Gene Expression had a great and active time in the High Tatras!

RNA Club 2019 / Prague

Pavel’s talk describing challenges in tissue dissociation for scRNA-Seq analysis presented on RNA Club 2019

FootGolf and Mexican dinner

The members of Laboratory of Gene Expression had a great time playing footgolf and tasting Mexican food (and tequila)!