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Daniel Žucha

Daniel Zucha

Daniel Žucha

Graduate Student; CV

Areas of expertise

fav-min.pngGene expression analysis

fav-min.pngMethod development

fav-min.pngRT-qPCR, RNA-Seq

fav-min.pngSingle cell analysis

fav-min.pngGlial cell biology


My name is Daniel and I come from Slovakia. I have spent over the last few years pursuing my studies in Molecular Biology at the Charles University of Prague. Prior to this, I attended high school in Slovakia, and I also had a chance to study as an exchange student in Norway for a year. In the last year of high school, I joined the Biology olympiad exams and scored position in top 10 in the national round. These days, guided by my supervisor Lukáš Valihrach PhD., I am working on the comparison of commercial reverse transcriptases, considering the impact of various factors on the reaction. Subsequently, my aim is to advance further in understanding the gene expression via any tools available. Speaking of my hobbies? Well, a game developed here in the laboratory… My colleagues choose competitions, which I would never do myself, and I do it with them!