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Veronika Kašparová

Veronika Kasparova

Veronika Kašparová

Office manager/secretary Research Laboratory of gene expression for Prof. Dr. Kubista´s lab; CV


My name is Veronika and I was born in Prague. I have been working as an office manager/secretary at the Research Laboratory of Gene Expression since March 2010. After high school I worked a few years as an office manager at a law firm, after which I was on maternity leave. Nowadays, I provide full administrative assistance to the lab of Prof. Kubista. My main tasks are communication with the administrative and economic departments, ordering supplies, consumption planning for short and long-term periods, planning business trips etc. What to say about my hobbies? I like summer sports, contrastingly I hate winter time. I love taking care of animals, especially cats and common degus.