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3rd International Symposium on Microgenomics 2021: Webinar Series

Single-cell analysis is attracting considerable interest in various areas of scientific research, particularly in oncology, where it is used to dissect tumor heterogeneity both at the tissue level and at the level of circulating tumor cells. Despite the continuous technological development in this field, researchers often face problems related to the application of single-cell analysis in their different and specific fields. Many challenges still need to be overcome to achieve widespread use of these new and often sophisticated technologies, especially when it comes to the management of cancer patients. This webinar aims to highlight the most critical issues and the most important results that can be achieved by this type of research.


Lukas Valihrach - Spatiotemporal dynamics of ischemic brain injury resolved at single-cell level (talk)

Ischemic brain injury (stroke) is second leading cause of death and primary cause of long-term disability. Pathophysiology of ischemic stroke is complex and involves interaction of large number of cell types in time- and space-dependent manner. A better understanding of the cellular and spatial heterogeneity is therefore crucial for understanding of stroke pathobiology and development of effective treatment strategies. In this webinar, we will present results of analysis of ischemic brain injury in mouse model using the state-of-art methods for single-cell and spatial transcriptomic analysis. The analysis provides unique insight on the processes and cell-types involved in pathogenesis of ischemia with spatial, temporal and single-cell resolution.