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Two-tailed PCR licensed by BioVendor

We are happy to announce that the Two-tailed technology for microRNA analysis developed in the Laboratory of Gene Expression1,2 in collaboration with TATAA Biocenter has been recently licensed by Czech biotechnology company BioVendor. BioVendor is a provider of a comprehensive solution for miRNA-oriented researchers. In addition to research, BioVendor is enabling the miRNA biomarkers to enter clinical diagnostic applications. The highly specific and sensitive Two-Tailed PCR technology provides BioVendor with rock-solid base to establish own diagnostic miRNA panels, broaden the life science portfolio, and kick-start BioVendor's rapid expansion in the miRNA market. For more info, see


Schematic of Two-tailed RT-qPCR. (A) Two-tailed RT primer having two hemiprobes connected by a hairpin folding sequence. (B) The hemiprobes bind cooperatively, one at each end of the target miRNA, forming a stable complex. (C) Reverse transcriptase binds the 3′-end of the hybridized Two-tailed RT primer and elongates it to form tailed cDNA. (D) The cDNA is amplified by qPCR using two target-specific primers.


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