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MSc. Silvie Tománková, Ph.D.

Silva Tomankova

MSc. Silvie Tománková, Ph.D.


Areas of expertise

  • Developmental and molecular biology
  • Gene expression analysis
  • RT-qPCR
  • Microscopy
  • Multi-ciliogenesis


My research focuses primarily on embryonic epidermis development, which has become a great model for studying the mucosal and mucociliary epithelia. I am also involved in other projects such as “Tomography RNA/protein in oocyte” and “The role of nitric oxide in regeneration”. I have spent three months at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm at Lena Palmberg’s research group, where I studied the role of nitric oxide on the human mucociliary epithelium. In addition, I am involved in the lecturing of specialized courses that introduce students to modern gene expression methodologies, such as real-time PCR. During my free time, I love mountain hiking, partying with friends and traveling.

Selected Publications

  1. Sidova, M., Tomankova, S., Abaffy, P., Kubista, M. & Sindelka, R. 2015. Effects of post-mortem and physical degradation on RNA integrity and quality. Biomol Detect Quantif, 5, 3-9.
  2. Tomankova, S., Abaffy, P. & Sindelka, R. 2017. The role of nitric oxide during embryonic epidermis development of Xenopus laevis. Biol Open, 6, 862-871.
  3. Vondalova Blanarova, O., Safarikova, B., Herudkova, J., Krkoska, M., Tomankova, S., Kahounova, Z., Andera, L., Bouchal, J., Kharaishvili, G., Kral, M., Sova, P., Kozubik, A. & Hyrslova Vaculova, A. 2017. Cisplatin or LA-12 enhance killing effects of TRAIL in prostate cancer cells through Bid-dependent stimulation of mitochondrial apoptotic pathway but not caspase-10. PLoS One, 12e0188584.