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MSc. Daniel Kraus

Daniel Kraus

MSc. Daniel Kraus

PhD student

Areas of expertise

  • Gene expression
  • Single cell analysis
  • RT-qPCR


As little child I used to combine all sort of things together and see want will happened. It was beginning of my science life. So It is no surprise that I started to study science. I was studying biochemistry at Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. During that years I started to be more interested in molecular biology. I found it so interesting, that I decided to go to Prague to study PhD in molecular biology. I am now in laboratory of gene expression under my supervisor RNDr. Radek Šindelka, PhD. I am working now with Xenopus laevis to learn more about their regeneration. Looking for enzymes or proteins in each cell type to see the differences there between different cells. I use single cell techniques to identify cells. Then I use RT-PCR and qPCR techniques that I use for uncovered the enzyme lines, which are inside cells after the injury of embryos. When I am not in lab, you can find me behind piano, guitar or any other instrument, because I love music, or you can see me doing fencing. These two activities are really important for me in my free time and I love it.

Selected Publications

    1. Gp41, a superfamily SF2 helicase from bacteriophage BFK20. Halgasova N, Matuskova R, Kraus D, Tkacova A, Balusikova L, Bukovska G. Virus Res. 2018 Feb 2;245:7-16.