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David Švec, PhD

David Svec

David Švec, Ph.D.

Postdoc / Scientist

Areas of expertise

  • Gene expression analysis
  • Single cell analysis
  • Automated single cell picking (CellCelector)
  • Multianalyte profiling (DNA, RNA, protein in parallel)
  • Data analysis, quality control
  • Method and product development


In the Laboratory of Gene Expression, Institute of Biotechnology, AV CR Prague, I am focused on single cells analysis and creating a map of mRNA distribution in time and space using qPCR tomography in developing mouse tooth. I have utilized a combination of qPCR tomography with laser microdissection to reveal co-localization of the most important developmental genes (SHH, FGF, BMP and Pax families). I have also been involved in the production of an optimised protocol for dye based analysis in microfluidic systems and I have also developed panels of assays and tools for assessing the quality of RNA within paneuropean project SPIDIA. I am also responsible for organising qPCR courses. Currently I am involved in the research of transport of mitochondria in cancer on single cell level using automated single cell picking and digital PCR; cancer and healing; consulting and supporting Genecore facility customers. 

Selected Publications

  1. Svec D, Dolatabadi S, Thomsen Ch, Cordes N, Shannon M, Fitzpatrick P, Landberg G, Åman P and Ståhlberg A. Identification of inhibitors regulating cell proliferation and FUS-DDIT3 expression in myxoid liposarcoma using combined DNA, mRNA and protein analyses. 2018 LabInvest #17-0380-TRR
  2. Dong LF, Kovarova J, Bajzikova M, Bezawork-Geleta A, Svec D, … Rohlena J, Berridge MV, Neuzil J. Horizontal transfer of whole mitochondria restores tumorigenic potential in mitochondrial DNA-deficient cancer cells. Elife. 2017; doi: 10.7554/eLife.22187
  3. Svec D., Björkman J., Lott E., Kubista M.; Sjöback R. Differential Amplicons (ΔAmp) - a new molecular method to assess RNA integrity, BDQ 2015 Sept, doi:10.1016/j.bdq.2015.09.002
  4. Svec D., Tichopad A., Novosadova V., Pfaffl M., Kubista M. How good is a PCR efficiency estimate: Recommendations for precise and robust qPCR efficiency assessments; BDQ 2015 Mar; doi:10.1016/j.bdq.2015.01.005
  5. Svec D., Andersson D., Pekny M., Kubista M., Ståhlberg A; Direct cell lysis for single-cell gene expression profiling; Front Oncol. 2013 Nov 7, 3:274. doi: 10.3389/fonc.2013.00274.