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MSc. Ondřej Smolík

Ondrej Smolik

Ondřej Smolík

PhD Student; CV

Areas of expertise

  • Cell biology
  • Cell culture
  • Cryostat sectioning
  • Developmental biology
  • FISH
  • RT-qPCR


I am mainly interested in asymmetric RNA localization on a single cell level, especially in oocytes and its involvement in body axes determination. For this purpose, I use qPCR tomography technique, in situ hybridization, morpholinos and most recently I have been establishing fluorescently labeled RNA probing approach to study the actual mechanism of RNA distribution during oogenesis. As a PhD student, I also contribute to other lab projects, primarily being involved in the cryo-sectioning of various samples and running of qPCR. Currently, I also continue with the completion of my proficiency courses and the expansion of my soft skills. I earned my Master’s degree in Molecular and Cell/Developmental Biology at Charles University and I have also previously worked on Xenopus’ cytogenetics in Vladimir Krylov’s lab. Even though my colleagues would say being sick is my biggest hobby, I spend my free time taking modern dance classes, cracking my wallflower shell or enjoying undisturbed sleep.

Selected Publications

  1. Chromosome divergence during evolution of the tetraploid clawed frogs, Xenopus mellotropicalis and Xenopus epitropicalis as revealed by Zoo-FISH. Knytl M, Smolík O, Kubíčková S, Tlapáková T, Evans BJ, Krylov V. PLoS One. 2017 May 18;12(5):e0177087. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0177087.